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Guest asked 3 years ago

Can you tell me a bit more about CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE please?

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cloudhosting.space Staff answered 3 years ago

CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE offers cloud storage that is affordable and easy to use.

The easiest way to explain what this means is by simply showing you.  We can provide a brief guided tour using a free trial account and talk you through the steps in less than 15 minutes.  If your business has a stable internet connection (it does not need to be super fast) we can show you how to access your data at work, from home or on the road using nothing more than a computer or mobile phone.  We will show you how to browse your data, access files and share information with colleagues with ease.

From here we can install a small utility on a computer of your choice so that your data is automatically and continuously synchronized.  This will ensure you always have a local copy of your data available at all times.  This also reduces and in most cases completely removes the need for backups.  If you install the software on more than one computer you will have multiple copies of your data available for increased redundancy and disaster recovery purposes.  Note that our servers come with daily, weekly and monthly backups so that if data is accidentally deleted or corrupted we can simply ‘go back in time’ and revert the server to what it looked like a day ago, a week ago or a month ago with a single mouse click.

Most of our clients have come to realize that what we offer simply works and in fact works so well that they have stopped using costly on-site physical servers that require uninterruptable power supplies, tape backups, configuration and administration altogether.

If you haven’t already completed the steps in the Getting Started section, please feel free to do so at your convenience.  Rather than completing payment, simply contact us for a free trial account and step-by-step instructions how to use.

It really is that simple…