What is a DEDICATED cloud storage server?

FAQCategory: QuestionsWhat is a DEDICATED cloud storage server?
Guest asked 3 years ago

What are the benefits of having a dedicated cloud storage server?  What are the differences?

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cloudhosting.space Staff answered 3 years ago

When you use a cloud storage server, your data is stored on a server.  A typical cloud storage server will hold data of multiple customers.  As a result all customers share the server internet connection.

If you are concerned about performance, security and need emergency data recovery it is recommended to use a dedicated cloud storage server.  A dedicated cloud storage server is reserved exclusively for your business.  Server internet bandwidth, server upload/download speeds, server backup and restore, user accounts and storage quotas are all yours to manage.  This is one of the reasons CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE offers only dedicated cloud storage servers for businesses.

Specifically if you require protection against loss of data or data corruption (i.e. ransomware crypto-virusses), it is strongly recommended to only use a dedicated cloud storage server as snapshot based backup technology allow us to restore an entire dedicated cloud storage server in minutes..

How dedicated cloud storage servers work:

  1. Each user has a personal cloud folder on their computer.
  2. The contents of this cloud folder is constantly being synchronized with the cloud storage server.
    Think of this cloud folder as the user’s home directory or personal mapped network drive.
  3. Users can share any sub-folder with other users with a single mouse click.
  4. Users can stop sharing with a single mouse click.
  5. Sharing and unsharing is instantaneous.
  6. You can assign users to meaningful groups i.e. sales, support, marketing, billing, etc.
  7. Users can share or unshare sub-folders with these groups of users as before.
    Think of this as having a shared mapped network drive.


If you want a simple solution where all users see the exact same content, you can simply use a single account for all users.  This way, the contents of the cloud folder will be exactly the same on all computers.

Additional benefits of having a dedicated server:

  • Your storage server is accessible exclusively to your business’ users only.
  • You are shielded from other customers.
  • You can easily and safely share data with colleagues.
  • You have more control over your storage server (configuration, backup, restore, etc.)
  • You determine the maximum size of a single file upload (typically capped at 100MB).
  • You decide if direct download links for files using the web interface are displayed or not.
  • Encryption of data server side (security vs performance) can be provided on request.

Server disaster emergency data recovery:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the entire cloud storage server.
  • Restore an entire storage server in seconds.
  • Off-site backup of the entire cloud storage server can be provided on request.

In short, dedicated cloud storage servers are:

Scalable – add more storage as you need it.
Secure – optional encrypted server storage, isolated server, secure access, server data restore.
Simple to use – share with individual users, share with multiple users, share using groups.

Dedicated cloud storage servers are available to Australian businesses only.

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is required.