How can I RESTORE data from a backup?

FAQCategory: QuestionsHow can I RESTORE data from a backup?
Guest asked 3 years ago

What if something goes wrong?  How do I restore data from a backup?

1 Answers Staff answered 3 years ago

It is important to realize CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE synchronizes files; we keep copies of your files while you maintain full control over the original files.  So in situations where your computer has a hardware problem and no longer boots, you can simply move to another computer, install the client software and synchronize your data to the new computer.

It is that simple…

But what do I do when data is accidentally deleted -or worse- if a virus has encrypted my files both locally and in the cloud?

Our servers are backed up daily, weekly and monthly.  Snapshot based backups allow us to restore a storage server within minutes.  You can ‘go back in time’ one day, one week, or one month as you see fit.

If you require protection against accidental deletions of files or crypto-virusses encrypting your data, it is strongly recommended to use a dedicated cloud storage server exclusively for your business that comes with daily, weekly and monthly snapshot based off-site backups.

Using a dedicated cloud storage server has the following benefits:

  • Your storage server is accessible exclusively to your business’ users only.
  • You are shielded from other customers.
  • You can easily and safely share data with colleagues.
  • You have total control over your storage server (configuration, backup, restore, etc.).
  • Server resources (processor, memory, internet speed) are yours and yours alone.

Using a dedicated cloud storage server is available to Australian businesses only.  An Australian Business Number (ABN) is required.