Multiple users, single account

Multiple users, single account

Popular cloud storage platforms require each user to have their own individual account.  You can choose to share files with others, but initially you will be required to setup your own account.  As pricing is often based on the number of user accounts, sharing a single account with multiple users is generally not recommended nor supported. Sharing an account between multiple users could trigger some security thresholds resulting in an account being blocked due to suspicious activity.  Also, the more users share the same account, the more potential for sync issues and file locking conflicts.

If you are using a mobile device, it may be difficult to access your cloud data if you are already ‘logged in’ to your device with your personal account to access your email, your calendar, or connect to the App store.  You would need to switch between your personal account and the account used by your business to access cloud storage on a mobile device.

CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE is different in that it offers you flexibility.

Mobile device

When using our services there is no need to switch user accounts when accessing your cloud storage using a mobile device.

Multiple users – Single account

You can choose to synchronize a single folder on your desktop with all users in your business using a single account.  Just like a shared network drive.  You can install the mobile app on your mobile device and use the same credentials.  Using this scenario there is only a single dataset in use that is shared amongst all users across your business.  If your business has multiple branch offices in different geographic locations no action is required to make it work; it works out of the box without the need to configure firewalls or setup accounts or privileges. Data is synchronized with all users irrespective of their location.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to your data.  You can use a simple web page to access your data, you can use a mobile device to access your data on the go, or you can keep data synchronized at all times using your computer.  It is that simple.


Multiple users – Multiple accounts

You can choose to have separate accounts for each user if preferred.  This will function just like having personal home directories for each user.  Users can share files and folders with other users on the same cloud storage server with a single mouse click.  Sharing folders has never been this simple.  Remember, as our cloud storage servers are reserved exclusively for your business you are protected from accidentally sharing data with untrusted outside internet users – this is different from most cloud storage solutions.


Exclusively yours

As our cloud storage servers are dedicated meaning only your business can access data stored on the cloud storage server, you effectively have your own ‘bubble’.  You are not part of a larger internet wide cloud storage platform.  In addition, there are no limitations to the number of user accounts.  If you want to use 100 user accounts you can do that.  The only limitation is the raw processing power of the cloud storage server (processor, number of cores, memory, etc.), the internet bandwidth of the cloud storage server and the amount of storage space being consumed.  All these factors can be upgraded if need be.  The internet bandwidth of your dedicated cloud storage server is not shared with other clients as is the case with shared web hosting where many websites reside on a single web server connected to the Internet.  Your cloud storage server is exclusively yours to manage.