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CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE offers simple, safe and convenient access to your data.  You can use a web browser, Mac or Windows computer or even a mobile phone to access your data anytime anywhere.  Our dedicated cloud storage servers are located in data centers in Australia.  You will have full administrative access to your cloud storage server.  Our cloud storage servers come with daily, weekly and monthly snapshot based off-site backups and unlimited user accounts.  We can assist with migrating from physical on-site servers to a dedicated cloud server solution.

Popular products like Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox,, etc. feature paid subscriptions on a per user basis.  Rather than charging on a per user basis, we offer dedicated cloud storage servers reserved exclusively for your business where the number of user accounts is not limited.  CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE does not use shared hosting where multiple clients live on a single server, share the same server resources and connect to the internet over the same shared connection reducing available bandwidth.  We offer dedicated cloud storage servers that are yours and yours alone.  Available server resources and server internet bandwidth are exclusively yours.  Using our storage platform you can save money on costs related to the purchasing, maintaining and administering of a physical server on-site.  In turn, this removes the need for businesses to backup data as continuous two-way synchronization in combination with daily, weekly and monthly snapshot based off-site server backups ensure your data is kept safe at all times.  For added security, access to your cloud storage server can be restricted to a specific IP address range if required.  If a computer in your business is replaced or repaired, simply reinstall the cloud synchronization client software, connect to your cloud storage server and all your data will make its way onto the device.  Team members can share data with colleagues with a single mouse click whilst providing a high level of security.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.


CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE is an online data storage provider.  We specialize in providing cloud data storage solutions in Australia.

Simple to use

Simple to use

By completing the steps outlined in the Getting Started section you can be up and running in minutes.  It really is that simple.

Easy to share

Easy to share

Share files and folders with other users on the server with a single mouse-click.  Sharing of files or folders is instantaneous; no need to log off or restart your computer.

Instant backups

Instant backups

Automatic two-way synchronization ensures data is kept in sync at all times.  New or modified files are automatically uploaded to the server or downloaded to your device.  Backing up data has never been easier.



Our storage platform is intuitive to use.  A user manual is located in your data storage for your convenience (but you probably won’t even need it).



Our servers are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  We aim to provide fast internet data transfer speeds.  Uploading of very large files is optional.  Contact us if you require a dedicated server closest to your geographic location for best performance and improved security and sharing.



Whether you decide to use the web interface or the client software you will be surprised how seamless and flexible our storage solution is.




  • Suitable for small businesses (i.e. 5 computers).
  • 50GB storage space.
  • 50GB data transfer per month.
  • 1 CPU.
  • $180 per month


  • Suitable for medium sized businesses (i.e. 10 computers).
  • 100GB storage space.
  • 200GB data transfer per month.
  • 1 CPU.
  • $250 per month.


  • Suitable for medium sized businesses (10+ computers, increased storage and bandwidth).
  • 500GB storage space.
  • 500GB data transfer per month.
  • 2 CPUs.
  • $400 per month.


  • Suitable for large businesses (15+ computers, increased storage and bandwidth).
  • 1TB storage space.
  • 1TB data transfer per month.
  • 4 CPUs (4GB ECC RAM).
  • $650 per month.


  • Suitable for large businesses (15+ computers, maximum storage and bandwidth).
  • 2TB storage space.
  • 2TB data transfer per month.
  • 8 CPUs (16GB ECC RAM).
  • $970 per month.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Step 1. Complete your payment here:


Step 2. We will email you the following:

  • Server details
  • Username
  • Password

exclamationbox_200x200 You can now access your cloud storage data using your internet browser.

Step 3. To automatically synchronize a folder on your computer it is recommended to install the client software:


exclamationbox_200x200 We recommend to initially create an empty folder named “cloud” on your desktop and use this folder.

Client software

As part of the installation you will be asked to enter the following information:


This was sent to you in an e-mail.  Contact us if you have lost the server address.


This was sent to you in an e-mail.  This is the e-mail address you entered when you completed payment.


This was sent to you in an e-mail.  Contact us if you have lost your password.


You need to select a folder for synchronizing with our server.  We recommend to initially create an empty folder named “cloud” on your desktop and select this folder.

The client software has built-in support for HTTP / SOCKS internet proxies and supports proxy user authentication.

A mobile app is available for Google Android and Apple IOS devices (iPhone, iPad).  The mobile app allows you to browse all files and folders.  You can open individual files from your mobile device with a single tap.  You can preview image files using a photo album view style including a slideshow option.

exclamationbox_200x200You now have access to your business data from the office, at home and on the road.


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CLOUDHOSTING.SPACE now offers online collaboration using ONLYOFFICE.

We can configure a dedicated server reserved exclusively for your business that you manage yourself completely.

ONLYOFFICE is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time.  You can manage your business projects from the collaboration portal.  You can connect to your business’ main email account and manage the mailbox using the ONLYOFFICE collaboration portal interface.  The best thing is that you don’t need any software installed; you can create or edit documents anywhere anytime – all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

ONLYOFFICE allows your business to easily share and edit documents.  Send invitations to branch offices staff or even your clients to access your ONLYOFFICE collaboration portal.  You can edit documents simultaneuously as changes are saved instantaneously.  You can add comments and send text chat messages from inside the online editor.  You can connect different types of cloud storage products to your ONLYOFFICE collaboration portal.  You can even connect multiple cloud storage servers to a single ONLYOFFICE collaboration portal.



  • Fully integrated collaboration portal.
  • Suitable for any size business.
  • Create unlimited number of user accounts.
  • Invite your clients.
  • Full administrator access.
  • Dedicated community portal server.
  • Dedicated separate document editing server.
  • Document server supports up to 20 simultaneous document editing sessions.
  • $460 per month

Combine your collaboration portal with a dedicated cloud storage server plan (not included) to get additional benefits:

  • Synchronize files with computers in your office.
  • Access to your files anytime anywhere.
  • Access your files from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (IOS, Android, Windows, MacOSX).
  • Integrated snapshot server backup (daily, weekly, monthly).

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